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Are people staying spoiler free?

I notice there's not been any posts for a few months. Season 6 starts in 3 days... is everyone still managing to stay spoiler free? 

I'm finding it *really* hard because all but one of my friends are basically spoiler junkies! :S On top of that, there are some that just can't seem to stop letting things slip... not major things, granted, but still...


I tried, but between twitter & LJ I knew I wouldn't be able to avoid the Comic Con spoilers.

So, I'm spoiled for that but its not tooooo detaily. I've been working hard to keep away from everything else.

I think I saw a couple of vids, but I don't think I was well at the time and a lot of it has slipped my memory. I know a *few* things, like which actors will be guest starring etc., but I don't know plotlines. I *may* change my mind and want to know a bit more once the season starts, but I don't like knowing story in advance... I mean, what's the point? *rolls eyes*
I know 2 guest stars, that's it. I know a weeee bit about the ep jen is directing. And I know kinda the premise for how they're starting out. That's it.

From first ep on I"m gonna stay spoiler free. I'll watch the promo for the next ep that airs after the current and that's it! I hate knowing ahead of time. I totally love being surprised.
I've got a link for the promo for ep 1, but friends are saying it's quite spoilery. I suppose there's no getting away from it on LJ either... I've seen icons already for things from the promo lol. See some people would also say that knowing Jensen directing an ep is a spoiler.. to me it's more info! :S

I don't mind watching the promo for the next ep, once the season's going... it's the waiting that kills me!
I don't even like to know episode titles until right before it airs!

As long as it doesn't contain plot info. LIke if they said "Mr. T will be in an ep." That's not so spoilery as it is oh hey cool. But if they said "Mr. T is going to play a killer clown in ep #3" that's total spoilers.

The promo does have a some casting/character spoilers. But in a way where you're like whaaaaaaa?! And it was stuff I heard through the grapevine from ComicCon so I'm ok with it. I just want it to be friday already!!!!
LOL, most of the time I don't either. I just think there's too much analysis of what it might be about etc. Not that that's a bad thing, per se... I just prefer being surprised!

*sigh* I wish it was Saturday... cos that's when it'll be ready for download. *is one of those naughty people* shhh, don't tell! :p
Except for a few vague things, I've remained practically spoiler-free.

Although I find myself still apprehensive and indifferent towards everything, tbh. I don't know, I think this is the season I am definitely not looking forward to despite not reading any spoilers, if that makes any sort of sense.
It's really not easy to stay *completely* spoiler free, is it? Especially not on LJ anyway lol.

Apprehensive? How come? I'm certainly not as excited as I was for S4 and S5, but I can't quite say why... can't put my finger on it. I'm looking forward to it, and it's never really disappointed me yet, but I'm wondering where they can go with it. Especially if they get a S7... if the story's there, then I'd love to see it keep going! :D
I think mainly because I felt incredibly disappointed with S5 as a whole, and don't even get me started on how angry I was with the finale. I don't know, I just feel unenthusiastic about having a sixth season because I felt like it should be over and it should have been last season. I don't see anything progressing after the Apocalypse or with the boys story. I'm not thrilled with any of it, to be honest, extending it beyond what Kripke had wanted it. idk, that's just how I feel.

It may surprise me, it may not. We'll see how it goes. But in all brutal honesty I'm not holding my breath on anything and going in with really low expectations.
S5 definitely wasn't the strongest imo - that was S4. Just brilliant, every ep! :D

I suppose going in with lower expectations does lead to less disappointment. I just think if someone's disillusioned with a program that they shouldn't watch it for the sake of it. I'm not saying that's what you're doing, it just annoys me that there are so many people who slag things off, but still watch!! Bizarre! :S

The good thing about it going longer though is that Kripke is still involved. I'd be much less happy if they went on without his input.
I suppose it all depends on what classes as a 'spoiler' ... that one will never be agreed on! :p
I am completely spoiler free as I make it a point to never go near any comms or sites that may be contaminated it.
Which is incredibly hard around LJ...as I'm finding more and more lol. I suppose if you're not into comms, it's not so difficult, but when you click on your friends page, you do kinda take your life into your hands! For that reason, I didn't come on LJ until I'd see 6x01.. and I'll keep doing that too. I'd be annoyed with myself as well as the person who spoiled it for me, even if they did it unintentionally! Best to be safe and stay away!