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Jul. 27th, 2009



For your (possible) enjoyment

I now present the hastily put together anthem of the unspoiled.

No Spoilers after this cut!Collapse )
Misha Collins:: :D


De-spoiled Misha Collins interview from Comic Con

Well, according to my sources, there was very, very little revealed during the Supernatural Comic Con panel that WASN'T completely and totally spoilery. Apparently they gave away a ton about everything they had filmed so far. A friend who knows I am staying spoilerfree gave me a few bits and pieces, but nothing much. It really was just a spoiler-fest.

That same friend, however, being the goddess she is, knew I was getting depressed about not being able to read a damn thing that came out of Comic Con due to spoilers. So she graciously supplied with me a de-spoiled version of an interview with Misha Collins.


Oh, Misha. <33333333333

So I thought I'd share it with you all, since we're in this together. Every little bit helps, right? It's better than nothing.

ETA:: If you could leave her a comment telling her how nice it was to do that, I bet we could squeeze some more stuff like that out of her. LOL JUST SAYIN'.

Jul. 26th, 2009

Misha Collins:: OH SHIT



I am being sooooooo good and staying completely off of Twitter and my flist while the SPN panel is going on right now at Comic Con. Which is a good thing, because friends are texting me and telling me there are pretty much nothing but massive spoilers coming out from there right now. UGH.

I want so badly to get in on the shenanigans, but I'm so committed to staying spoilerfree.

I feel like if I can make it through this, I can make it through anything the rest of this hellatus has to throw at me.


Oh, and I'd like you all to know that the creator of this freakin' comm, my dear friend THIS WHORE RIGHT HERE, IS AT THE SPN PANEL AT COMIC CON AS WE SPEAK. Man down, you guys. Man down.

Jul. 24th, 2009

Rafael Nadal:: wink


It's that time of year...

So is anyone else torn between desperately wanting to hear everything that comes out of the Supernatural Comic-Con panel this weekend but being absolutely terrified that trying to find out about any of it without being spoiled isn't even remotely possible?

Because I am.

Last summer I was not spoilerfree so none of this was a problem. I want so badly to hear what everyone (especially MISHA!) has to say, specifically about everything that went down in season four. But I know what everyone there will want to hear about is season five. And I'm afraid I won't be able to read/watch/hear ANYTHING about Comic-Con without getting spoiled for something. *SIGH*

Is anyone else having this problem? Or have you all just given up on trying to stay spoilerfree? Sometimes I want to just because it seems to damn impossible. WE MUST STAY STRONG TOGETHER OKAY?

Jul. 16th, 2009

castiel jerk bitch mortals


spoilers in today's F!S post (#923)

Secret #110 is spoilery. Careful!

Jul. 13th, 2009

castiel is here on srs bsns


(no subject)

For anyone reading the anon meme, be careful: anonymice are intentionally posting spoilers in huge fonts.

Jul. 11th, 2009



Spoiler free would've been easier had I remembered the support group

I totally forgot to add this comm to my flist and so I've been going it alone and just thinking that there weren't any new posts here. DUH.

Anywhoo.  Its getting difficult. I don't want to know anything and yet I want to clicky click!!! WHY?!!!  

Thank you for all the warnings.  As for the twitter thing, I think Superwiki has been pretty good about spoiler warning so I haven't unfollowed them yet.  Ew.com on the other hand = not ok. I'm avoiding their homepage completely and only reading the popwatch blog. But that terrifies me. I know they'll ruin it soon enough.

Jul. 8th, 2009

XF I Want to Believe


Helpful hint to get your Flist to use spoiler coding

Did you know you can use spoiler coding to create a "covered-up" (for lack of a better term) view of text? Perhaps some members of your Flist don't even know about this. This might be more useful than the lj-cut for some people.

It's simple. Just use this:

<span style="color:#666666;background-color:#666666">Spoilers here.</span>

Jul. 3rd, 2009

Giggling Jensen



For those that need a distraction from the slew of spoilers coming out: the latest safehouse post. Basically it's old pretty pictures and videos of Jensen being dorky with Christian Kane, Steve Carlson and Aldis Hodge.
SPN Dean/Hand/Mic


Spoiler safe?

*waves* Hi! I'm new to the community. Found my way here via one of our lovely mods. And I finally have a reason to post..

Does anyone have any idea whether spnnewsletter is relatively spoiler safe? I'm newish to the fandom, and just discovered this daily digest of fanworks and recs and etc. but I don't want to join/add it if it posts spoilers.

Any thoughts?

ETA: Wow, you guys are quick! Thank you! I'll go ahead and add the comm. :-)

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