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stripedsockscat in spn_onthewagon

If I break will it break a seal?

I'm not sure I can take it anymore. We're so close!! And yet, I feel I might break!! I haven't watched the new promos yet but they are CALLING TO ME!!! I"m not sure I can hold out.  Pray for me!


NOOOOO! We're a little more than a week away. Stay strong! Considering the first few spoilers were making their way out in *July*, if you haven't seen anything yet then you can wait a little while longer!
You've come too far to break now!

I saw a still accidentally on facebook and I'm kicking myself now. DON'T DO IT! RESIST! RESIST!!!!
Thank you all for your support! I went to the gym and ran off the urge and I have not broken. The seals remain intact!