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a community to hold your hand when times get spoilery
Welcome to spn_onthewagon! We are a support community for fans of Supernatural who are recovering spoilerholics, in danger of becoming spoilerholics, or simply wish to remain unspoiled for upcoming episodes. When a new spoiler crops up on your flist and you're this close to falling off the wagon, come here to moan, wail, or distract yourself; post macros, picspams, complaints, rants, anything. Think of us as a warm room befitted with cushions and throw pillows and filled with people willing to hold your hand until the spoiler goes away. The coffee's bad, but free. Donuts are on the side table.


1. No posting spoilers! Feel free to post warning the comm of places a spoiler has cropped up unexpectedly (for example, a spoilery secret might be posted to fandomsecrets), but DO NOT repost it here. Anything to do with an unaired episode, including dialogue, events, casting, the names of new characters, who or who is not in said episode, behind-the-scene photos, promos, and your opinion on whatever information you've learned is a spoiler. Post it and face extreme mod wrath.
2. No wank. This is a support community; we're here to hug each other and hold each other above the dark, spoilery waters. Discussion, debate and arguing is fine; wanking is not.
3. No bashing. As a general SPN comm, we have fans of all characters and all ships. In your quest to distract yourself from that really tempting spoiler one small LJ cut away, don't post any material that bashes any person, character, or pairing. Critique and friendly mocking are fine. Bashing is not.
4. Events of an episode are considered spoilers until three days after that episode has aired in the US. That should give any non-American members time to catch up online if they wish; until then, all content concerning anything that happened in the latest episode must go under an LJ cut.
5. Anything SPN- or spoiler-related is on topic. Feel free to post about Dean's manpain, Misha Collins' wacky hijinks, Jared's hair, how hard you're beginning to ship Anna/Ruby, or simply how difficult it is to resist reading the new spoiler and how badly you need someone to support you... it's all good.
6. Graphics (macros! manips! picspams!) are allowed; only one picture may be placed outside the cut. No excessively large pictures (of a size that would stretch people's flists) are allowed outside a cut. ALL explicit material must be placed under a cut and clearly labeled as NSFW.
7. Please tag your entries appropriately. A complete list of our tags can be found here. If you feel a new tag is necessary, petition a mod.

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